Yoga Classes Grand Cayman | Yoga For Relaxation & Stress Relief
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Grand Cayman Yoga

Book a private yoga class in Grand Cayman

Yoga Classes In Grand Cayman


Book a private yoga class in Grand Cayman. Whether you are an individual, small group, or corporate booker, you will feel the benefits of private practice. I will customize the sequence for your specific needs. Alternatively, you can join a group class at the yoga studio in Grand Cayman.


My yoga classes are mindful movement, alignment & breath based with a deep focus on relaxation and inner listening—a yoga flow for building strength, balance, and stress relief. My experience and lineage in yoga make my sequences suitable for everyone and all levels.


Yoga For Life


Surprisingly, the most challenging part of a yoga practice is making the time for it. Being flexible is not a requirement for practicing yoga with me. Instead, I will guide you through yoga postures, breathing, and meditation techniques to help you develop flexibility in your life.


This yoga will prepare you to take your practice off your mat and into your life. As a result, you are a co-creator of your life’s experiences.

You will leave your mat feeling strong, centered, balanced, and connected.

Studio Classes

Summer Schedule (ends Oct 2022)

If you prefer a studio class, go to Bliss’s online calendar to see the most up-to-date schedule, as I could be covering for another teacher.


Wednesday’s – 7pm – 8pm

Yoga Studio In Grand Cayman

Location – Bliss Yoga

Yoga for relaxation
yoga for relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation


My Restorative Yoga class is a practice of undoing and resetting the mind and body. The yoga poses are held from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes and, as a result, heal the effects of chronic stress.


Using yoga props to find support in all of the postures is necessary; blocks, bolters, blankets, straps, and chairs. Finding stillness in mind is the most challenging part of the practice. We will be sitting or lying down comfortably for the entire class.


Often there is no music playing. Instead, there is the use of a sound bowl or soft music for relaxation. However, a part of relaxation is silence. Once the body is still, and the mind is quiet, it is time for the real work to begin—a time to look inwards and see where you can grow. Give yourself the self-care needed by letting go of negative internal dialogue, conditioned patterns, or emotional baggage.