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Stillness. The Path To Santosha

Stillness. The Path To Santosha When was the last time you found stillness? And what the heck is Santosha? Maybe you found stillness at the end of your yoga practice in Savasana. For some of us, Savasana is our favorite part of our yoga practice and for others we dread the thought of keeping still and quite ...

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As The Summer Winds Down in Grand Cayman

In this time of self reflection we must find the balance of questioning and accepting who we are, what we want & where we are in our life. Moving beyond the physical practice of yoga and taking yoga into everything that we do.

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Honeymoon & Yoga

Natarajasana ~ Paradise, Taveuni, Fiji Islands

Read about our New Zealand & Fiji honeymoon and how I incorporated my yoga lifestyle

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30 Day Yoga Challenge Survival Tips Cayman

6am - January 6th, 2014 - Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman What an inspiring morning it was, 42 yogi's at 6am, WOW! Today was the kickoff of this year's first 30 day challenge here in Grand Cayman.Wall to wall yogi's breathing Ujjai Pranayama and moving in and out of poses with the sound of the ...

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Child’s Pose Alignment

I was inspired to create this video tutorial for child's because I see many yogi's taking the pose in class without positioning their bodies properly. Balasana or Child's Pose can be taken instead of downward facing dog and is often used at the start of a power vinyasa yoga practice. In this video, I demonstrate the classic version of child's pose, which is more of ...

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