As The Summer Winds Down in Grand Cayman

As the summer winds down…

use this time for self-reflection.

Embrace your life in the present moment. Ask yourself this question; “what is it that I want”? It could be for the day or long term. If you want to live an extraordinary life, then choose to be happy, grateful, healthy or kind each morning you wake.

Begin your practice somewhere. There will NEVER be enough time unless you begin; we must make the time that we need.  Maybe it is while you are still lying in bed before you open your eyes in the morning or in an easy seated position before you begin your day. Find a quiet time to meditate on your question and then practice throughout the day up until you lie your head down to sleep for the night.

The answer may not come directly to you, the final outcome may not come to you, it may never come; but just know that through this process you will begin to grow and change just as the seasons do.  It may take some time, some practice. If you practice often you may find the answer sooner then later. If you practice each day, your old patterns and conditioned ways may begin to dissolve. Love will rise instead of anger, kindness instead of jealousy, positivity instead of negativity.

In this time of self reflection we must find the balance of questioning and accepting who we are, what we want & where we are in our life. Moving beyond the physical practice of yoga and taking yoga into everything that we do.

began my self inquiry in 2006 and each day from that day has been nothing but extraordinary! Each day a learning experience. Of course the journey has had smiles & tears as I have shed my layers, but this is part of the process, keeping the peace & calm in the midst of it all and having the courage to stay on my path.  This process is needed just as our islands need heavy rains to clear away some of the dust and to nourish the plants and soil we too must go through this process to create what it is that we want in our life. I reflect on my day each evening, checking in with my thoughts, words and actions to become the person I wish to be.

Our physical asana practice (on the mat) is a tool, using the physical body to build strength, balance, flexibility, courage, and confidence to use in this journey towards awakening. I’ve added a few different yoga classes to my teaching schedule, I hope to see you on the mat soon.

Breathe, Live, Discover, Transform ~ Danielle Gentilcore

New Classes added at Bliss Living & Yoga- Current until August 25th.
Monday & Wednesday 10:15am VERY SLOW FLOW
Tuesday 12pm PRENATAL
Tuesday 7pm 1/2 FLOW 1/2 RESTORATIVE


See Fall schedule - Starting Sept 3rd

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