30 Day Yoga Challenge Survival Tips Cayman

6am – January 6th, 2014 – Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman

What an inspiring morning it was, 42 yogi’s at 6am, WOW! Today was the kickoff of this year’s first 30 day challenge here in Grand Cayman.Wall to wall yogi’s breathing Ujjai Pranayama and moving in and out of poses with the sound of the breath. Allowing their bodies and mind to begin the DETOX process through this moving mediation; first timers and  seasoned practitioners alike dripping with sweat releasing all the old baggage and preparing for transformation.

As the  30 day challenge kicks off at Bliss Living and Yoga I wanted to share 10 survival tips to take with you on the next 29 days of your journey to help inspire, purify and protect the body and mind,physically, mentally & emotionally.

Cayman Islands Yoga

If you have any questions at all, I would LOVE to hear from you! Contact me  If you have any questions about your daily diet and would like to make some lifestyle changes have a look at Saucha!

Ten 30 Day Challenge Survival Tips – Cayman Islands

  1. Hydrate – drink at least 2 L of water per day. Try to drink water slow instead of gulping it down. The yogi way is in small amounts at a time (even better mix some lemon or lime into your water). Drink coconut water.
  2. Rest – Get an extra hour or two of sleep per night. In the evenings, rest, try to be finished with the computer or work by 7pm. Try to be asleep for at least 7 hours. Add a 10-15min legs up the wall pose (email me if you do not know what it is) to your evening ritual prior to going to sleep.
  3. Connect – Take beach walks, enjoy the roof top classes, take a swim…get outside as much as possible and connect with nature.
  4. Respect – Be kind to yourself in your practice and listen to what you need EACH day. Take a variety of classes and teachers. Take a child’s pose when you are tired. Use your knees in Chataranga, enjoy the use of the blocks.
  5. Motivate - Try to keep your thoughts positive, let go of all the negative thoughts you may have about yourself, you are the only one that is thinking them. Write a few inspirational quotes down and have them pinned up around the house or office.
  6. Surround – Be with positive people, get away from all the drama, choose to not partake in gossip.
  7. Shift - Baby steps…it is challenging to take on 30 days of yoga let alone going on a diet; little shifts create a lifestyle change.  Leave out the white sugar, skip a meal or a day of having to have meat, add in a green juice, have more green on your plate, shop ORGANIC and GMO free.
  8. Love - Be kind in your thoughts, words and actions, practice Ahimsa the first ethical rule of yoga. Do something nice for yourself and others each day; it could be a simple smile or a pat on the back.
  9. Trust – Trust yourself in your poses, know that you are right where you need to be at all times in your life. Try to follow your teachers cues instead of your neighbors poses. Believe that you can complete this challenge.
  10. Meditate – Begin by sitting quietly each day for 2 minutes. Close your eyes in a quiet space, lay down or sit tall. Add a minute on each day. Let the thoughts slow down and find your breath. If the thoughts come back shift them to the side and find your breath again. You must train the mind like a muscle.

Breathe, Live, Discover, Transform  with the power of yoga! ~ Danielle Gentilcore

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