Paddle Board Yoga In Grand Cayman

 75-90 Minute Yoga Practice & Paddle

Up Dog“The best part about Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP yoga) is falling off”!  I say this every time I get out there.  The beauty of the Caribbean Sea is mesmerizing. Being out in nature, surrounded by the five elements that make up everything which surround us; earth, water, fire, air and space, will instantly bring you peace and clarity to your mind and soul.

Taking your yoga classes on the water will help you see things from a different perspective, lightening your mood.  As you practice SUP yoga you can be fearless by letting go of the way things are suppose to be on and off the mat, when balancing out on the water.

Release your fears of falling in.  The Cayman Islands offers calm seas, warm water and crystal clear visibility of up to 200′, being able to see right to the bottom.  Using this practice as an addition to your regular yoga practice will help remind you to add a sense of playfulness into your life.  As you gaze into the clear horizon, breathing the fresh salt air and enjoying the soothing sounds of the sea, you will strengthen your inner peace by connecting to those important things in your life, leaving behind any worries.

Strengthening your upper-body and core from paddling is a bonus to your practice.  A typical SUP session will begin with a short warm up on the beach, followed by seated poses, breathing and gentle stretches, then onto kneeling, paddling and standing series.  The class is finished off with everyone’s favorite pose, savasana (relaxation) on the board.

The paddle board yoga classes in Grand Cayman can be arranged via Danielle Gentilcore at Thrive Fit Ltd., 345-938-1113- contact me

1 Yogi = $115
2 Yogis = $135
3 Yogis = $155
4 Yogis = $175

*all prices in C.I. Dollar