Deepen your yoga practice, on and off of your mat, by stepping out of the first world and into a culture that will fill you with a rich experience, personal growth, healthy food, relaxation, humble people and the experience of adventure…

Join me on a yoga retreat to a land unfamiliar to you with all the details taken care of; all you have to do is purchase your  plane ticket and meet me there.  Bus transfers, accommodations, excursions, relaxation, meals, free time and much more is all planned out for you! Each yoga retreat center, tour company and mode of transport is carefully chosen to insure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey.  It is time to take your watch off, leave the cell phones behind and stop worrying about the little details so you can relax and enjoy the entire experience.

Yoga is mixed in, once or twice daily, finding a balance with the day’s adventure. The trips range from a few days to a couple of weeks.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are coming from in the world, meeting like minded people from different parts of the globe is sometimes the best part of the yoga adventure, taking home friends for life.

Experience with me:

  • White water raft on the rivers of Honduras and Costa Rica
  • Surf the waves of Panama, Central America
  • Discover the Mayan ruins of Honduras & Guatemala
  • Learn to kite surf in an exotic location
  • Experience A Healing Foods in Little Cayman, Cayman Islands (vegan cooking classes)
  • Explore some of the worlds natural wonders listed on UNESCO


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"It was AMAZING! Had a great time! Couldn’t complain about one thing! Can’t wait to join on future trips-"
"I am so grateful to both of you. Trust that I grew tremendously over the weekend... I really learned a lot about myself, and the people around me, and I have come out with a peaceful content spirit-"
"The cross section of peeps was so much fun. I love meeting new people and absorbing their experiences to enlarge my background-"