Danielle Henry Yoga Teacher | Yoga Lifestyle
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about Danielle

Yoga Teacher

Danielle Henry

Restorative Yoga

Conscious Living


Becoming a yoga teacher was life-changing. My past experiences and choices I have made have taught me great lessons. However, yoga’s teachings have given me life tools to live blissfully. Breath awareness, mindful movement, and relaxation are my daily dance.


Studying and practicing yoga over the years has taught me many things. First, I realized that being still and quiet was where I could listen to my heart. So, my Ashtanga practice soon shifted to Restorative Yoga and gentle flows over time.


Yoga Lifestyle


Without a doubt, breath awareness, mindful movement, and being still are vital components of living a yoga lifestyle. In addition, the tools to connect inwards, heal, and grow leads to a life of happiness. Therefore, practicing yoga can be in everything we do, not just in the daily asana (poses) practice. Consequently, my dedication to a yoga lifestyle allows me to further my growth as a teacher and on a personal level.


Danielle Henry is an experienced registered yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance, Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and obtains over 3500 hours of teaching yoga, a combination of group & private lessons, workshops, teacher training, and retreats.

breath awareness

Where I Came From


Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, my connection to nature started. Early on, at the age of three, I was enrolled in gymnastics lessons as an outlet for my endless energy. Hence, I began to learn balance, coordination, and concentration. I progressed in gymnastics through dedication and willpower. Finally, by the age of eleven, I was competing at the elite level in the United States and competed in the Junior Olympics.


All the attributes I obtained in gymnastics contributed to my success throughout high school. Unfortunately, due to a back injury, my gymnastics career ended. However, it was only a short while before I was involved in track, cross country, cheerleading, diving, aerobics, weightlifting, and water skiing. Sharing the strengths, I had learned early on with children was natural for me, teaching part-time at a gymnastics school throughout college.


Love For Travel


After college, I moved to Grand Cayman as a scuba instructor and underwater photographer. Meeting people from around the globe opened my eyes to other cultures. Traveling became a part of my life, which I have chosen to embrace. The places I have traveled to have been truly inspirational. As a result, it molded me into who I am today.


Tropical islands and the underwater world guided me to Roatan, a small island off the north coast of Honduras. Opportunities arose, and I transitioned from a scuba instructor to an entrepreneur. Before I knew it, I soon owned a couple of businesses and became addicted to my work, leading me to success if viewed from the outside world. However, on the inside, I was a complete train wreck.


Through the years, I was never taught relaxation or slowing down.

yoga lifestyle

Life Changing Moments


Following, little sleep, stress, and unhealthy habits developed into chronic fatigue and anxiety. Finding a solution without antidepressants was what I knew I needed. Lastly, I needed balance, but I was so far off balance that I felt like there was no return.


Emphatically, a friend of mine suggested I try a yoga class. Shortly after just a few classes, I found the connection my soul was yearning for through breath awareness, mindful movement, and relaxation. So my yoga journey began in 2006.


The Result


With regular and consistent practice, my mind began to slow down, and the panic attacks and anxiety began to fade away. Surprisingly, breath awareness, mindful movement, and stillness started to show up off my mat and in my life.


Once I developed a daily gratitude practice,  I realized I was never connected inwards. Before this point, I looked on the outside for approval, happiness, and success.


Living a yoga lifestyle has taught me to Breathe, Live, Discover, & Transform!


I journeyed to Costa Rica to deepen my practice and earn my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification with Marianne Wells. Having no wi-fi and being disconnected from the outside world in the jungle allowed me to look inwards and see all the toxic, negative patterns that were hard-wired into me. Changing my eating habits and immersing myself in yoga studies was a life-changing experience.

Yoga Lifestyle

Every day is a learning experience. Currently I live in the Caribbean with my husband, two boys and our pet dog. Spending time outside in nature grounds me. Hiking in the mountains, sailing, and snowboarding are my favorite activities.  Some of my passions are eating clean, making everything I can from scratch, brewing kombucha and listening to music while sipping on a cup of coffee.

Join me if you are in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. You can meet me on your mat in the studio or you can organize a private class with me on the beach or in your condo/hotel. Come along on a retreat or practice with me online.


May you be happy,
May you be healthy,
May you be at peace.