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practice yoga

Practice yoga in Grand Cayman or through my weekly online content.


You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. I have heard this excuse over and over throughout the years as a reason not to practice yoga. Yoga is in everything we do. How we breathe, how we think, how we respond, and how we move.


Your body was made to move, not to sit and be stagnant. Freedom in your body and mind brings balance to your life and connection to your soul.

The movement on your mat is only the beginning

Danielle Henry

Online Yoga

Connect to your breath. Get out of your head.
Move into your body.


I have designed various yoga content that will help you incorporate yoga into your life from where you are; mindful movement & alignment with a deep focus on relaxation.


Energize your day with a morning practice, incorporate breathing & meditation into your busy work day or find the relaxation you need with an evening practice.


It’s time to reconnect & be inspired to live your best life!

yoga content
yoga in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman
Yoga Classes

I offer private and group yoga classes in Grand Cayman.


You can arrange a lesson with me at your home, hotel, beach or studio. In addition, I teach weekly group yoga classes at Bliss Yoga in the Cayman Islands, located along the Seven Mile Beach Corridor near Camana Bay. There is also the option to practice yoga through my weekly online content.